12 X 12 Club
7035 NE Glisan
Portland, OR 97213

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The 12 X 12 Club is a non-profit club founded April 2, 1990 for the purpose of giving members of Alcoholics Anonymous a place to indulge their common social practices without the presence of alcoholic beverages and kindred association.

Funds are raised from the contributions of member, the operation of a coffee and sandwich bar, pot luck dinners, dances and such functions, open only to the Club members and their guests.

Funds are expended for the purpose of maintaining a club room and meeting place wherein members may attend A.A. meetings and carry on ‘twelve step work in keeping with the “Traditions” of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Club activities are chiefly in the promotion of the sobriety of the members and purposes of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Club funds are raised solely from the members and outside contributions are not expected nor solicited.

Membership in the Club is limited to members of A.A. in good standing (sober), and to the spouses of such members.

Contact: webmaster@12x12.org